Welcome to the wonders of a small nation with a big heart. This website will educate you through the country's history, cultures and much more.

The forgotten Nation

Eritrea is a small country situated in the North-East of Africa. It is usually reffered to as the Horn of Africa due to its shape and where it lies.

I call it 'The Forgotten Nation' because, it is a country that if you asked people, many would reply "I've never heard of that place".

It is bordered by the countries of Ethiopia, Sudan but also to the North-East of the country lies the extensive coastline of the beautiful Red Sea.

Eritrea is a multi-cultural place that welcomes all. The streets of the capital are filled with the bright colours of the womens dress's and the city's amazing archutecture. Its sort of like Bollywood meets contempary Italy.


Map of Eritrea

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