Eritrea was colonised by Italy in 1890 and ruled it up unitl about World War 2, upon Italy's losses. During this period Eritrea enjoyed considerable industrialisation and development of a modern infrastructure. Asmara (the capital city) has one of the highest concentrations of Modernist architecture anywhere in the world.

On September 15, 1952 Eritrea became federated with Ethiopia and was made an Ethiopian province in November of 1962. This union was not wanted by all and a civil war broke out against the Ethiopian Government, led by the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF). Unfortunately nothing was resolved and the fighting continued over a period of the next 32 years, resulting in countless lives lost.

In 1991, Ethiopia's hard lline Communist dictator Mendistu was deposed and with that, the ELF was able to gain control of Asmara where they formed a provisional government.

On May 3, 1993, Ethiopia aknoledged Eritrea's control after a referendum was held, suppported by both the United Nation (UN) and the new Ethiopian government making Eritrea an Independant Republic.


Shida Monument

The picture above is 'The Shida Roundabout'. It was a monument erected in memory of all the fighters of independence. The sandals have become extremely iconic throughout the country and is worn by the most.

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